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WebaPSys ERP system

The Cloud ERP for everyone.


WebaPSys is a very simple and easy to use customizable cloud based online software solution exclusively implemented for Manufacture, Retail, Service and Repair sectors. The WebaPSys application practically walks through the CRM, Purchase, Sales, Inventory and Repair Ticket Tracking, Delivery Tracking, Point of Sale and many more processes.


Early and frequent follow up is a key to winning jobs. Store, sort and report on range of customer data, producing robust marketing data. Increase Lead-to-Customer conversion rate.

Invoice & Inventory

Keep track of Vendor, RM Purchase, Consumption, Returns, Finished Product, Sales, Sales Return, Scrap and Stock Statements with bar code integration. GST Ready Billings & Returns

Repair & Service

Manage Repair Tickets, Support Tickets, Job Tracking and Invoicing with ease. Powerful Ticket Tracker that is designed for your business keeps you on track and customers updated.

Point of Sale

Helps you run a simple retail shop, or a chain of high volume stores. Easily add, recall, and track your customers and their purchases. Linked directly to Inventory

Delivery Tracking

Now you can track every delivery in real-time. Real-time management dashboard to notify customer, re-assign deliveries, or even check on a delivery status.

Attendance & Payroll

Location based Attendance capture with Mobile/GPS, Time-Attendance Reports, Automatic Payroll, Loans/Advances, Income Tax, PF, PT, ESI, Payroll Register, Payslip, Form 16...

Human Resource

Manage Employee lifecycle from Onboarding to Resignation. Employee Profiles & Documents, Company Policies & Forms, Employee Communications, Reminders & Alerts, MIS Reports & Dashboard.

Best Cloud Based ERP!

WebaPSys Features

The WebaPSys is a online application and it is accessible from any part of the world, at any given time. The entire database is available all the time. One can either make use of the computer, tablet or phone to access the required data, whenever it is required. A person need not be confined only to his office.

Require Low Resource

Doesn't need extra Equipment, Servers, Space etc. thereby saving Cost.


Can easily be scaled up as per your requirements.

Easy to Customize Modules

Can be easily adapted to your needs with simple configurations.

High Security

Data stored in encrypted form, at various places, to keep them secure.

Super Fast Customer Support

Excellent support, very friendly and helpful with extremely fast responses.

webapsys erp system

Service Management System

Service Management System is a customizable web-based Customer Service Management System software specifically made for companies who are into After-Sales Servicing. This service management System is a comprehensive customer service management system that streamlines the walk-in service, field service, and after-sales processes.

  • Streamline complaint management operations and reduce costs by improving response and closure times.
  • Automate the process of assigning complaints and related investigations based on servicing location and product type.
  • Respond quickly and accurately to customer requests with actionable real-time reports.
  • ERP system uses workflow to assign cases that need follow-ups and actions.
  • ERP system manages every customer interaction efficiently and professionally.
  • Quickly enter and prioritize complaints. Ensure that no complaint, service call or inquiry is lost or ignored. ERP system monitors and measures your success.

Repair Management System

The Repair Management System is a customizable web-based ERP system software solution exclusively implemented for Repair Shops that receive items for repair, and Retail Stores or Repair Depots that send out all of their repairs. ERP system helps to create, manage and track customer based service tickets and workflows while providing your customers with accountability and responsiveness they deserve. Easily track items through the repair process from beginning to end. Your customers can even track their own repairs live on the Internet and automatically receive status notices via e-mail or SMS.

  • Supports in-house, vendor and subcontractor repairs and exchanges.
  • Creates Repair Tickets, Tracks Repairs.
  • Creates and processes repair orders, whether internal or third-party.
  • ERP system Tracks equipment through the repair chain, enabling enhanced spare parts Inventory management.
  • ERP system Tracks Customer Communications.
  • Keeps technicians and customers notified and up to date.
  • Ensure that no Repair Ticket is lost or ignored.
  • Actionable, real-time reports.
  • ERP system Monitors and measures your success.

Inventory Management System

The complete Inventory and Billing management solutions is for all size and type of business. WHEN WE SAY COMPLETE, WE MEAN IT! WebaPSys consists of Sales, Sales return, Quotation, Purchase, Purchase Return, Payments, and Stock Management.

  • Get real-time, detailed visibility into demand, supply, costs and key inventory control measures
  • ERP system Eliminate manual inventory management processes
  • Significantly improve your relationships with suppliers, vendors, and partners by providing self-service and real-time visibility
  • Report export in different popular formats like Excel, Word, pdf etc
  • Customizable preprinted and plain Printouts and Reports.
  • ERP system allows to set up multi-user access with password protect
  • ERP system consists of customized modules for customer specific requirements
  • ERP system monitors and measures your success.
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